The specification of the SIM box

Datasheet: The specification of SIM box (SIM bank) by ANTRAX

Detailed parameters of SIM box in *.pdf format for printing. Specification of SIM box in an easy to read format and will be useful for experienced terminators and those who only start this business.

To ensure that our customers have the most complete picture of the product for voice termination ANTRAX provides documentation (datasheet) for SIM box. In the future each of our product will be presented on our website and in the form of technical documentation.

SIM box

Download  specification of SIM box:

SIM box (SIM Bank) ANTRAX main feature:

Installation  of a large number of SIM cards separately from the GSM gateways;
locate the gateways in different places to avoid SIM blocking.

It is very important to have correctly configured settings to bypass Anti-fraud system which is used by mobile operators.

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