1.14.0 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that a new ANTRAX software version (1.13.0.) has been recently released. The following changes have been performed in 1.13.0. version:

The following changes were performed in 1.14.0 version:

– The optimization of ANTRAX software internal processes was performed;

– The possibility of SAT (Sim Application Tools) switch-off on Telit modules was performed. It allows to switch-off the possibility of SIM to create interactive exchange between network application and an end user or access management to GSM network with the help of a set of commands programmed on SIM-card;

– The mechanism of open transaction in the database was excluded from functionality. One does not need to open the transaction in order to introduce the modifications, which increases the comfort and speed when modifications of ANTRAX software are introduced via GUI;

– VoIP Antispam system tables were updated. Gives a possibility to define detailed reason of number adding to the table;

– SIM GROUP and GSM GROUP display when registering in GSM gateways or SIM history was performed. Gives a possibility to determine SIM-card set-ups at the moment of GSM network registration;

– Audio data processing on the “RINGING” stage was updated. Audio data is processed by the system without any pauses just since the moment of their appearance on GSM module, which enables to process the audio data more thoroughly.

To update the new version of software you need to address via Support Center.

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