1.13.0 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that a new ANTRAX software version (1.13.0.) has been recently released. The following changes have been performed in 1.13.0. version:

The following changes have been introduced in 1.13.0 version:

SMS termination on the basis of Alaris SMS platform has been optimized. It enables the customer to terminate SMS together with voice traffic termination, lengthy SMS messages sending, display of SMS sending status in GUI, SMS routing has been implemented as well as gathering and display of SMS statistics.

– The possibility of statistics reset in VOICE SERVERS table has been implemented.

– GSM-View table has been updated as well as the possibility to select the type of SIM cards migration among cells. Operating modes with BTS have been implemented: Basic — manual selection set-up of operation with BTS; Random — random change of registration among 7 BTS with the best signal rate (with the possibility to set up the time of rate change on the other BTS); Statistic – change of registration after definite amount of activities (calls, ussd and SMS massages).

– The possibility to set up arfn for the definite channel has been realized. It will enable the channels to register on certain BTS on the basis of specified frequency implementation.

SIM SERVERS table has been updated. “Note”, which is the space for notes with regard to SIM card, has been added.

We kindly note, that since 2016 the 1.9.12 version will be supported exclusively for fixing the critical bugs ( The updates on this version will no more be carried out).

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