Sharp tips on how to make money in Uganda


Uganda is a rapidly growing economy with a truly young population – 60 % of local people aged under 25 – embracing new technologies with an extreme speed.
It is natural that they all are creating space and conditions for businesses and entrepreneurship of any kind.
Nowadays Uganda business is supported mainly by Micro, Small and Medium organizations, which take all together up to 90 % of private sector. In other words, these are primary sources of new jobs, not to mention, they help to considerably decrease unemployment rate and generate regular income for such groups as women, youth and poor people. They tend to cover most sectors starting from food production and processing, manufacturing goods to transportation, financial services, education, IT.

Start a business in Uganda

The majority of Ugandans find it difficult to start a private business. It seems to be some prejudice sitting in their minds not to be having enough capital. Even though the latest in-house business survey claims Small business with less then 4 employees dominate.


Chart: Distribution of businesses by size

That means investment opportunities in Uganda for start-up are absolutely real and measurable.
Moreover, its’ growing young society with people able to make the most of what is available offers thousands of ideas for online, home-made or any sort of low-cost investment business.
Enjoy the process — make a research on the market, study competitors, brainstorm on some innovation ideas that will make you stand out in a chosen niche. That is a world full of challenges and opportunities for you to get better, smarter, sharper and stronger each day!

Profitable business

Generally, most Ugandans long for business projects with quick and significant returns on investment. Well, that is a natural desire of any investor in the world.
In order to get into one of the most rewarding businesses in your region, check up the niches with least competition, minimal operational cost and maximum margin.
You can choose some professional service like window cleaning, translation, tailoring service or, let’s say, interior designing, tree planting as well as public speaking.
On the other hand, you can consider bigger investment and play big. Usually these sort of businesses require more ingagement and responsibility, but they are substantially more rewarding.


If you feel a potential of a big player, you’ll make no mistake in Uganda choosing among such cutting edge and urgent sectors like solar energy, water, dairy or coffee business, catering and event management, or even more — extremely profitable GSM termination business, which became one of the most profitable telecommunication fields in the world over the past few years.

GSM termination business in Uganda (ANTRAX 2019)

Call VoIP GSM termination business profit in Uganda Infographic ANTRAX 2019
GSM termination business profit in Uganda Infographic ANTRAX 2019

Invest in Uganda

A great deal of creative and active people have great business ideas but are afraid to try them out. The idea would only be great if it comes to the reality. Don’t be afraid to fail because it is the only way to know the true measure of success. All the profitable business opportunities in Uganda cannot be cleared up without

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