GSM termination

$ 4,000 per day for GSM terminators in Ivory Coast: one of the best African countries for VoIP business

Nowadays GSM terminators all over the world try to open new countries to start call termination business.

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What country is good for GSM termination? There are three main conditions of successful business in voice termination area:

  • high prices for the route;

  • possibility to beat local anti-fraud;

  • absence of strong competition;

There are few African countries that are consistent with these conditions: Ivory Coast, Burundi, Uganda & Tanzania. Today these countries bring fantastic opportunities for everybody interested in this field. Beginners can start GSM termination business and skilled terminators can open new profitable markets.

See for yourself: transit operators will pay $0.27 for 1 minute passing through VoIP/GSM gateway in Ivory Coast. So if you buy GSM gateway with 32 channels you will earn around $4 000 per day. Considering the fact that in this country you can easily beat anti-fraud with premium quality solution for GSM termination Ivory Coast is a perfect country for call termination.

It is also true for other African countries with expensive routes: Burundi, Uganda & Tanzania. We made for you few infographics to demonstrate the great financial opportunities for GSM termination in this countries with ANTRAX termination solution: 32 channel VoIP gateway.

GSM termination in Ivory Coast


Tanzania termination profit

Burundi GSM pfrofit

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