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1.15.0 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that a new version of ANTRAX Software 1.15.0 has become available recently.

The following changes have been performed in 1.15.0 version:

– Possibility to disable SMS delivery report was performed.It will enable you to save money when interacting with operators which charge for SMS delivery reports.

– Option to mute the notification of incoming SMS was performed. The notification of incoming SMS will be absent during the call.

– “Ring time”space was added to the CDR table. It will enable you to track the duration of «ringing”phase.

– Option to drag the SIM card from Call path into Sim History table was implemented. It will simplify processing of information on SIM card and the calls performed by the specified SIM card.

– AllowRegistrationInDesiredPeriod script was realized. The script enables to register on the card during the specified period of time.

– The option to specify the SMS limit on IP addresses was implemented. It will give a possibility to apply limits on the amount of outgoing SMS for each IP-address.

– Call history report was performed ( REPORTS section). It enables you to receive more detailed information on the calls for the specific period of time.

– SMS history report was performed (REPORTS section). It enables you to track the amount of outgoing SMS from each SIM card for specific period of time as well as for all period of its presence in the system.

– SMS statistic display was performed (STATISTICS section). It enables to track the quantity of outgoing SMS on IP-addresses, limits tracking.

– Mechanism to process incoming calls on the basis of call history was performed. It will enable the SIM card to receive the call from GSM network from numbers, which it performed the outgoing calls to and to beat off the * calls from numbers, which it didn’t perform the calls to.

– Scripts reset event display was added to SIM History. It will enable to track the reset of scripts for certain cards.

– Documentation to project was added.

– Some bugs were fixed.

To update a new version of Software you need to contact Antrax tech support manager or address via Support Center.

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