Conquering new heights

Every organization in the process of growth and development uses the services of an independent audit. And it’s not just playing the game. Obtaining relevant information about the status and processes within the company is vital. It will provide you with understanding of what areas need to be further developed.

Progress, evolution and improving — those are the key factors and main tasks of our organization. And major indicator of the success in those fields is the customer’s satisfaction with our products and services.

Due to this, Flames Group company has once again addressed to the audit firm KMPG – one of the most respected organizations in this matter – and has traditionally been tested successfully.

Indeed, the results of the last audit report of the KPMG company confirm that Flames group has successfully proved to be a professional in the VoIP market for over nine years. Providing transit services of voice traffic, invention and sale of equipment for GSM termination, developing programs for business, Flames Group annually demonstrates strong performance in all activities.  We have been providing monthly transit of more than 20 million minutes of voice traffic, production of GSM termination equipment and applications. Also we have developed CRM, ERP and Billing.

In combination with a young and inspired team of employees who will always take into consideration the views and wishes of customers, Flames Group can truly call themselves a company with an impeccable reputation.

All this gives you an absolute confidence that next year the financial statement of Flames group will be higher and more enhanced, and the company will continue to delight its customers with new products and projects .

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