Balkans — attractive area for business and investments in Europe

Balkans — attractive area for business and investments in Europe

Surprisingly during the global economic crisis the territory of the former Yugoslavia became a kind of oasis for the global investors.

Now in the developed European countries such as Britain, France or Germany it is difficult to invest due to high competition and the crisis time. At the same time countries such as Serbia, Macedonia, Croatia, Bosnia and Albania give the green light for a variety of businesses, especially for GSM termination.

Briefly speaking GSM termination is a part of one of the most profitable businesses in the world. Nowadays the best field for investment is the telecommunication business. GSM terminator uses VoIP-GSM gateway that combines two types of networks: mobile, which is expensive and the Internet, which is free.

gsm gateway

VoIP-GSM gateway (GSM bridge) is a device that transmits voice traffic from the Internet to mobile operator network. It is one of hardware modules of ANTRAX Solution for GSM termination business. Telecommunications market brings great income to the owners of such a gateways and the gateway provides calls from some countries to others by on-network tariffs

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Scheme of the call

Typically when we call to our friend abroad the call goes through a more complex way than it might seem at the first glance. For example, we call from Serbia to Macedonia. First we dial the number on our mobile phone then the call goes through our mobile operator network and after it through several transit operators. But then there are two options:

  1. The call can reach the mobile operator of our friend in Macedonia, and go directly to our friend’s mobile phone; this call will be very expensive;
  2. The call can not go directly to a mobile operator in Macedonia. It goes to VoIP-GSM gateway and from there call is transferred to your friend’s phone. In such a case GSM terminator gets money for the call but not the mobile operator.

    On the infographic below we give you the amount that GSM terminator will get  on average for each minute of his route working in the Balkans with different mobile operators

profit VoIP

Anybody can become a GSM terminator and have a good income from it. Your revenue will depend directly on how much minutes of call can pass through the VoIP-GSM gateway. Gateway has GSM channels, each of which can make one phone call and pass about 500 minutes per day. The more channels you have the more minutes you can sell.

Profit of GSM terminator in many ways depends on the region where you will place your gateway. For example in Bangladesh for one minute transit operator will pay you only $ 0.01, while in Macedonia you can already receive $ 0.17.


Now let’s talk about the opportunities of a GSM terminator who decides to start this business in the Balkans. We have examined in details local mobile operators.

In Serbia mobile operator MTS is popular. For one minute transit operator will pay to GSM terminator 20 cents. Now let’s calculate how much we get, if we have a single channel, which, as it is known, passes 500 minutes per day. This amount will be $ 100. Thus 10 channel VoIP-GSM gateway will bring us about 1,000 $ per day and per month your income will be about $ 30 000.

P.S. If you have any questions, a leading manufacturer of equipment for GSM termination ANTRAX will gladly answer them.

If you are interested in Call termination on Balkans, we can provide a free consultation and make you a SPECIAL OFFER.

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