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1.18.0 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that new ANTRAX software version (1.18.0) has recently become available.

General improvements:

– Added the ability to export the registry to a CSV file;

– Added a column with a balance display on the SIM card, which is displayed after running scripts for checking of balance;

– Added the possibility to add numbers to the Black List after IVR detection;

– Added the ability to enable an alternative answer (BAD REQUEST) for Alaris for non-sent SMS;

– Added the display of the possible causes of the stop SS and VS;

– Added the ability to upload and display IVR templates via GUI;

– Added the ability to reset statistics for the SIM card from the GUI;

– Added the possibility to add numbers to the Black List by the call termination code;

– Added the ability to copy data from a table cell in the GUI;

Voip Anti-Spam:

– Added the ability to filter A-numbers;

– Added ability to filter numbers by ASR value;

– Added the ability to analyze CDRs by ACD and ASR values ​​and add numbers to Black List or White List;


– Implemented script allow activity in random period;

– Added the option “allowed text pattern” to the SMS filter scripts to allow filtering only specific SMS sent from channels;

– Implemented generate event scripts for pay and pay via SMS from event scripts for the ability to replenish an account via SMS using another card;

– The option “replace text pattern” has been added to the SMS Filter scripts, which allows you to specify the resolving expressions for replacing the text sent by the SMS

– Implemented script which makes possibility to register the SIM card only on the first VS, on which it was registered;

– Implemented script “add to black list number”, which the last caller number on the channel to the black list by event;

– Implemented script “USSDDialogRegistry”, which allows you to send responses to the USSD session from the registry;

– The script “check SMS” and “send SMS” add the ability to send the text of incoming SMS;

– Implemented script “generate event on amount registration” that generates an event after a specified number of registrations;

– Implemented script “generate event on call drop code” which generates an event according to the call termination code;

-Implemented scripts activity limitations and sessions on calls over a period of hours;

In order to transfer to the new software version, feel free to contact Antrax tech support manager (e-mail:, or address trough Support Center (

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