1.12.0 ANTRAX Software Update

We are glad to inform you that a new ANTRAX software version (1.12.0.) has been recently released. The following changes have been performed in 1.12.0. version:

The following changes have been introduced in 1.12.0 version:

– We have provided our soft users with the possibility to terminate SMS on the basis of Alaris platform. It enables you to terminate SMS messages and Voice traffic simultaneously;

-We have added an adjustment mechanism of IVR message identification. This particular mechanism enables you to identify IVR messages on the specified criteria and, in case of necessity, complete the call;

– GSM-View has been updated and the possibility to adjust SIM cards migration among basic stations within a single location. This function allows the SIM card to imitate the subscriber’s movement;

– We have added the possibility to send USSD dialogues manually;

– In order to install the new version of software you are to contact via Support Center

We would like to draw your attention that since 2016 1.9.12 version will be backed up to settle down emergency errors only (the updates on the specified version will not be carried out).

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