What is ANTRAX, GSM gateway and SIM box?

ANTRAX solution is a complex of hardware and software facilities which are designed especially for the termination of voice traffic from VoIP (Voice over IP) to GSM networks (networks of mobile operators). Due to the module-based structure, flexible configuration which allows the product to meet any needs and requirements, ANTRAX solution can be implemented for effective calls termination either in large or in small volumes.

ANTRAX complex solution has two levels: hardware level and software level.

Hardware level (GSM gateway & SIM box)

The hardware consists of two main units. They are:

GSM gateway that is designed to be able to do 4 or 8 simultaneous calls (it is equal 4 or 8 active channels). It has built-in computer;

SIM box that contains 60 or 120 SIM interfaces. This allows you to use 60 or 120 SIM cards at the same time. Separate access to each SIM card. Each SIM-slot has an indicator, which shows the status of the SIM card (green – SIM card is active, red – SIM card is blocked). It has a built-in computer.

gsm gateway

The design of our GSM gateway and SIM Box (or it is also often called SIM-bank or SIM-array) equipment allows it to provide high-quality functioning not only if it is placed in the same location, but also it shows high performance even placed in different regions, cities, countries, etc.

This feature provides even higher safety level and removes any limitations for your system location. You are free in choosing the locations you are going to place your ANTRAX equipment in and can control and monitor its functioning from any place you like. ANTRAX is equipped with the unique Anti-Anti-Fraud system which secures your SIM-cards from being blocked by mobile operators, so it makes them serve you for a longer period of time and offers a large number of solutions for SIM-cards management and control.

Software level ( SIM server, GUI)

The other level of the ANTRAX complex solution for call termination is its software.
The software of the ANTRAX system can be conventionally divided into two main components: SIM server and GUI.

SIM server is a set of tools which algorithms were worked out especially to simulate the behavior of a real subscriber. The main objective of the SIM server is to reduce the chance of SIM block by anti-fraud machine of mobile operator. ANTRAX software solution SIM server employs different functions that bewilder anti-fraud machine and allows the SIM-card serve for a longer period. SIM-card in ANTRAX SIM Box acts just like a real subscriber. Such functions as activation of SIM-cards, balance topping up, changing of the data plan, sending SMS, regular calling and sending SMS to the same numbers, SIM-card balance check and many other functions are automated in the ANTRAX SIM server. That is why the necessity for human intervention into these processes is reduced almost to zero.

GUI (graphical user interface) is very simple, intuitive and easy in use. With this GUI the user becomes able to configure, monitor and maintain all the elements of the system, such as SIM server, GSM gateway and SIM Boxes, easy to set and activate any optional function they need.

VPN-tunelling on-board allows you to have your project protected since the very beginning.

User-friendly and smart software, the service of the highest quality and reasonable price are the distinguishing key features of the ANTRAX GSM termination system.

ANTRAX. Superior quality, leading to success and profit!