Ready-To-Go “Reliable Call Termination” Package for Profitable VoIP Business – for $9240 only

Reliable Call Termination Equipment

SIM box

  • Separate access to each sim card
  • Enlightened indicators of sim status
  • On-Board PC

GSM gateway

  • Looks like a router
  • Light-weighted (easy for transportation)
  • On-Board PC

Book “Reliable Call Termination”

16 Channels – 120 SIMs
4 Gateways + 2 Simboxes

Please apply for the Package only if you have appropriate volume of investments

Why “Reliable Call Termination” package or
Anti-SIM-Blocking highlights:

    • 14 locations with remote SIM-boxes
    • 2Anti-spam flexible settings and Ready-to-use logic for some countries
    • 3IMEI management
    • 4Human Behavior Simulation (HBS) (NEW scripts included)
    • 5Family groups
    • 6SIM-migration/SIM-rotation
    • 7IMSI-catcher
    • 8Ability to block robot calls from providers and “all channels are busy” feature
    • 9Sending SMS on different events
    • 10AND MUCH MORE!

Buying ANTRAX Equipment
World-Class Customer Service:

  • Consulting and technical support is included.
  • Personal post-sale VoIP manager.
    Flamesgroup SIA – international telecommunication provider – 13 years of successful operation.
  • 8 years of ANTRAX solutions development.
    We are continuously improving our solutions. ANTRAX software is specially tailor-made for ANTRAX hardware. This allows to minimize the appearing of bugs, but even if there will be something our tech support will fix it immediately and for free.
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