Personal bulk SMS sending

Personal bulk SMS sending

ANTRAX SMS gateway is an ideal tool for sending mass SMS messages from a leading European manufacturer of premium gateways

Automatic delivery of SMS is the perfect way to keep in touch with them and find new ones. It combines the efficiency and high returns. Save your time and money!

SMS delivery via the Internet is one of the most effective ways of transferring the information to the target audience. No matter, if you want to inform one or ten thousand people, to activate SMS service you are simply to buy ANTRAX solution, connection, SMS Gateway, add contacts of recipients, enter SMS text and click “Send”. Mass mailing of SMS messages will be carried out immediately and they will be sent and delivered within a few seconds.

Why is it better to use a personal solution for ANTRAX SMS sending than various online services:

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    • You have full control over the distribution process
    • You can personally guarantee a high level of message delivery
    • You are able to become an operator of the distribution and earn
    • You will be able to ensure the confidentiality of mailing
    • You can be sure your customers base won’t go wrong, especially to the competitors’ hands
    • There is no extra charge: you pay just the price of SMS in mobile network

    Automatic SMS delivery is appropriate in the following cases:

    • Mass mailing of SMS advertising (for business)
    • SMS informing and alerting (important for banking institutions that carry out SMS sending to customers in the form of SMS-notification or notification on the status of the bank account)
    • SMS delivery of any text information to customers
    • Personal SMS text messaging via the Internet (e.g. throwing a party: why not inform all your friends in affordable and effective way?)
    • The cost of sending mass SMS via the Internet, discounts

    SMS advertising has the highest returns among all other marketing tools. Ask yourself: “How often do I read received SMS?”, “How fast can I open the message after it is received?”. Personal experience will tell you how customers will behave on receiving of your message.

    Bulk SMS is ideal for any type of business in order to maintain contact with their clients. SMS-notification is rather popular in banking structures as well as other organizations when they want to inform about their promotions and discounts.

    Use Cases:

    • Banks and financial institutions
    • Payment systems and terminals
    • Shops, clubs, restaurants, services
    • Online shopping, delivery services
    • Taxis and transport companies
    • Advertising agencies and PR-department
    • Online services, online games
    • Server monitoring and alarm
    • Services sms-mailing and sms-billings
    • Chat with friends or co-workers