secure gsm termination

“Secure GSM termination” package

Extremely safe solution that experienced terminators will appreciate

Your security equals your stable income

Effective ensemble of quality equipment, smart software to minimize SIM blocking and to manage a whole system, tech support and VoIP traffic – the all-in-one package to do GSM termination business safely. Improve stability and spread your business for $11’999 (instead $16’650).


Why is this configuration safe for GSM termination?

Business owner protection:

  1. Small capacity for gateways for minimal risk to be detected (only 8 ports in every gateway).

    Such amount of channels will let your SIM card to register in network but stay none active for some time, that will make your HBS more successful and increase card life approximately for +200%.

  2. Separate sim-box with the ability to put simbox in a country, which differs from destination of termination.

    You can terminate extremely profitable destinations in Africa, Balkans and ex.USSR from safe countries of Europe or North America for instance.

  3. Softswitch Yate of class 4 with IAX2 support.

    Will minimize requirement for Internet. This can minimize requirement for Internet bandwidth. Good connection level of 3G or 4G will be enough for termination activity. That’s why you can use even wireless Internet connection for stable route and the highest level of location’s with gateways security.

  4. SMART anti IMSI-catcher: Checked and proved for 7 years experience with real terminators.

    We do our best that terminators with our equipment and soft should not be cached.

SIM card protection:

  1. Anti-spam management.

    Ability to set white/black list numbers management, protection from dialing robots, redirecting operators’ calls to real numbers. Possibility of redirecting calls from operator to real numbers. You or your tech specialist (NOC) will be able to answer to calls from operator and confirm that the SIM card belongs to real person.

  2. Human Behavior Simulation (HBS):

    Must have feature for possibility of incoming calls, SMS generation, sim card usage limitation (sim card rotation), sim card migration.

  3. Block robot calls from providers.

    This feature allows to answer “all channels are busy” after robot number is detected. Because of this happens before the call started, your SIM-cards’ numbers are hidden and not locked. Minimum +200% of SIM-cards lifetime with this feature immediately!

  4. Just nearly 9 SIM-cards per every channel

    The current secure package will let your SIM card to register in network but stay none active for some time, that will make your HBS more successful and increase card life approximately for +200%.

  5. 4 different locations for your gateways.

    The system can provide SIM migration with the highest level of efficiency. This provides minimum increase +50% to SIM cards life.

  6. IMEI management.

    System will minimize both time spending and probability of SIM-card blockage becuause only correct IMEI-numbers will be generated.

  7. Automatic credit check and recharging.

    Save time – make money!

  8. SMS on different events.

    Will make your SIMs familiar to real customers.

  9. Ready-to-use logic

    SIM-cards’ protection from our technical support team. Choose the best one from 37 countries and 82 operators.

And of course it includes:

  • SIM-migration both inside and outside BTS in cell makes your gateways untraceable
  • Family groups that make the card activity more human alike.
  • Simultaneous Bulk SMS feature on board

Learn more about this configuration!
Apply to the offer before November the 1st and do GSM termination safely.
Price $11’999* includes:

  • 4 GSM gateways with 32 channels total (up to 20000 minutes per day). On-board PC on gateways means no additional overheads for PCs or routers (save ~2000$).
  • SIM-box with slots for 300 SIM cards
  • A complete software package – Antrax SIM Server, Graphical User Interface, Client Support Center and anti-spam system for anti-fraud protection
  • 1 year of technical support for free instead 2000$, training and business assistance by your personal VoIP consultant
  • Start earning immediately with VoIP traffic from us
  • SPECIAL BONUS (1+1=1): Buy 1 get 1 free (GSM or SIM boards) **

* Special offer can not include any additional discounts

** This bonus opportunity is valid during 3 month after package is purchased

What does it mean to be our partner?

  • 7 years of ANTRAX solutions experience and 12 years of Flamesgroup – operator of voice traffic.
  • Consulting and technical support is included.
  • Personal post-sale VoIP manager.
  • Sim server and Voice server created specially for ANTRAX hardware. This minimize the appearing of bugs, but even if there will be something our tech support will fix it for free.

Grab the equipment for the secure GSM termination:

ITEM Standard price
2U subrack (x4) $4’000
Simbox (x1) $1’200
15 SIM boards (x15) $5’250
12 GSM boards (x12) $4’200
Technical support for 1 year $2’000
TOTAL $16’650

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