2U Rack solution

Production stopped! Find out about new compact GSM-gateway

Compact GSM gateway for VoIP termination. It has 2 built-in GSM modules.

Mini Rack ANTRAX 2U:

  • Smart, small, compact GSM gateway and well-built sub-rack
  • PC on board (with Linux Cent OS installed)
  • 3 universal slots for your Sim-boards or GSM-boards
  • Secure VPN connection


Our ANTRAX 2U solution was specially created for those, who value the simplicity and compactness. It already has on-board PC, which helps the customer to avoid the problems connected with obtaining and placing the separate one. Having 2 on-board GSM modules, it still provides the users with three additional universal slots, which can be filled by 2-6 GSM modules or 1-60 SIM cards.

Main components of compact GSM gateway 2U

Sub Rack with 2 on-board GSM modules and 3 universal slots (could be taken by SIM boards or GSM boards)
x1 on-board PC
up to 3 additional SIM boards (20 sim cards on each)
up to 3 additional GSM boards (2 GSM channels on each)

Physical Parameters

Height: 8,9 cm
Width: 48,3 cm
Depth: 28,5 cm
Weight: 2,75 kg
Mounting: 19″ 2U Rack
Power Supply: 90–264VAC, 50/60Hz


Scalability: 2-8 GSM channels up to 60 SIM cards inside one Sub Rack
Connection specifications
Ethernet: 1 x Ethernet 10/100 Base-T RJ-45
PC specifications
CPU: lntel Atom D2500
Hard drive: 320 GB

  • Product: ANTRAX
  • City: Riga
  • Company: Flames group
  • Phone: +371-67-333-777