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VoIP GSM gateway

VoIP GSM gateway

VoIP GSM gateway – is a device that allows to transfer telephone traffic from traditional telephony networks directly to GSM cellular networks (and vice versa). The main applications of GSM gateways are associated with a reduction in mobile communication costs (usually in companies), as well as the introduction of new communication services.

VoIP GSM gateway

Call scheme using VoIP GSM gateway, call from IP network to GSM network

  1. Skype(IP network) – softswitch (the device for switching Internet calls) – further that the call reached the mobile phone will be used VoIP GSM gateway to connect IP network and GSM network,and SIM bank which already has SIM card.
  2. A sim card that is in the sim bank will automatically generate a call to the sim card of the called Subscriber.
  3. Thus, the call will bypass the mobile operator. Call from VoIP GSM gateway will go directly to the phone the called Subscriber.

How to make money using Voip GSM gateway

One of way to use VoIP GSM gateway is GSM termination.

So to start this kind of profitable business you will need:

  1. Hardware: VoIP GSM gateway and SIM Box (also called SIM bank)
  2. Software
  3. Voice traffic and SIM cards

To your VoIP system is sent traffic( international calls which are coming from abroad to your country) in international format and with the help of VoIP GSM gateway and sim bank this calls are converted to local calls, you are earning the difference between international price and local price.

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