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There are a lot of different gateways such as Iqsim, 2N or Hypermedia. Some of those are good, some are not bad. Why should you compromise on quality if you can purchase the best one? ANTRAX is a full solution for GSM termination. Whether you are a professional looking to expand your business and avoid SIM-blocking or a newbie looking for a high quality system for stable income, ANTRAX equipment and software can fully satisfy your needs and expectations.

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Gateways are similar – systems are different

Yes, in spite of ANTRAX is a high quality equipment that was produced at the factory Volburg (Europe, Latvia), the analogical quality equipment from Hypermedia, 2N and Iqsim is similar and we should confess that we are not something special among the leading GSM termination hardware.


Despite this, we are proud that ANTRAX has many features that distinguish us from the rest of solutions for VoIP termination on the International market.

What exactly is better?

Services * ANTRAX Iqsim Hypermedia 2N
IT support YES ? ? ?
SIM anti-blocking logic YES ? ? ?
IMSI catcher protection YES ? ? ?
Anti SPAM system YES ? ? ?
Scripts on request YES ? ? ?
VPN YES ? ? ?
VoIP traffic YES ? ? ?

* We possess everything that is needed for successful GSM termination, but do our rivals have each of this features? Fortunately no.


  • 11 years on the market of call VoIP termination (Flamesgroup)
  • 58 countries on all continents of the Earth
  • 195 successful terminators
  • ANTRAX equipment is produced on leading factory Volburg
  • Our call termination solution is made in the European Union Group

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Our ANTRAX 2U solution was specially created for those, who value the simplicity and compactness. It already has on-board PC, which helps the customer to avoid the problems connected with obtaining and placing the separate one. Having 2 on-board GSM modules, it still provides the users with three additional universal slots, which can be filled with 2-6 GSM modules or 1-60 SIM cards.

ANTRAX products

GSM gateway


Terminator controller

SIM’s Bodyguard

Bulk SMS sending

IT/tech support










ANTRAX equipment is a high quality hardware that can be integrated by various configurations that depend on the region of call termination, period of return of investment and client’s budget. Our VoIP hardware (VoIP equipment) is flexible and scalable – module-based solution to start fast and expand business.

GSM and SIM boards are installed in individual bearing blocks at different locations. It solves the issue of bypassing ANTI FRAUD systems of mobile operators by live subscriber’s behavior imitation. It extends the security level and substantively reduces the risks, increasing profits and economizing money on support. This is a perfect solution for termination of large volumes of voice traffic. Do you think your 2n  gateway, 2n easygate GSM gateway can do it for you? No!

We connect providers, telecom companies and resellers (in the VoIP field it is called interconnect) which provide us with the most competitive rates to all destinations around the world. Adding just a small margin, we resell the routes to operators and companies providing services for consumers. Do you think 2N, Hypermedia or iQsim GSM gateway can do it for you? No!

Our equipment includes the solution against blocking SIM cards. This software avoids blocking SIM cards as by standard human behavior activity so adjusting scripts for building custom configuration.  Do you think VoIP gateway 16 ports 2n Hypermedia or iQsim gateway can do it for you? No!

Our technical support department provides our clients with full range of services regarding GSM termination. Our technical support department provides our clients with full range of services regarding GSM termination. Purchasing our equipment, you get a whole business, not just a box with electronics. We are interested in long-term partnerships.

Therefore we guarantee the quality of our solution and support. We are interested in success of your VoIP termination business. We provide technical support for free on the stages of installing, launching and growth of your call termination business project. Do you think Hypermedia, iQsim or 2N can do it? No!

Suggested high-profit routes

COUNTRY Local cost, 1 min Route cost, 1 min Income, 1 min Income, month One-time investment
Monaco $0.01 $0.2 $0.19 $30 000 $15 000 *
Macedonia $0.01 $0.2 $0.19 $30 000 $15 000 *
Jamaica $0.035 $0.11 $0.075 $11 000 $12 000 *
Haiti $0.01 $0.16 $0.15 $25 000 $12 000 *
Ghana $0.03 $0.10 $0.07 $10 000 $12 000 *

* Suggested configuration of the equipment. Minimal configuration starts from $5000


VoIP Termination FAQ

Simbox equipment for GSM termination. Or it is also called SIM bank or SIM array it is one of the hardware modules of GSM termination equipment. The main function of this element is to store the array of Sim-cards, which takes part in call termination process.
GSM-termination or Call-termination is beneficial business for converting VoIP (Voice over IP) signal into GSM one by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with simbox and delivering of the call to the final subscriber.
VoIP gateway contains GSM modules to transmit GSM signal. Also it has an Internet connection for receiving VoIP signal. So basically VoIP gateway router receives IP call via Internet (like very well known Skype), converts it and transmits it to our cell phones via GSM antennas.
Voice traffic – it’s phone calls, calls to certain destinations on the number of operators of communication networks. So these are the telephone calls, which are measured by the number of minutes passed through your equipment.
The Sim BOX or Sim array is a hardware solution for external storage of SIM cards. Each Sim card can be connected to VoIP/GSM gateway via the Internet.
The primary function of GSM gateways is to allow routing phone calls from IP to GSM networks.
For starting a successful business, you need a high quality equipment with a smart and flexible software to avoid simblocking. ANTRAX is the best choice for gsm termination.


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