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Top 3 wholesale A-Z VoIP providers for call centers in 2021

Top 3 wholesale A-Z VoIP providers for call centers in 2021

These days, under COVID-19 quarantine restrictions, most companies are shifting their businesses online. Which brings us to two main sales-driven channels of 2021 – mass Email marketing and outbound calls.

As our virtual call center solutions allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively handle multiple geographically separated agents, that also supports you in achieving business continuity including customer service resilience a network outage, natural disaster, or some other unforeseen event.

That’s why call center management should keep their attention on voice traffic quality. Today, there is a myriad of so-called A-Z wholesale providers, and it’s quite tricky to choose the appropriate one. Therefore, we tried to outline the pros and cons of three key plates in this market in 2021.

Flames Group FZE

While we are a fresh starter in call center business support, which doesn’t stop us from providing high-quality A-Z VoIP Termination Routes for Call Centers, we as a large VoIP operator have already existed in the telecom market for more than 15 years.


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