Watch educational video “Telecommunications is the business of the future”

This video will help you to understand how your mobile operator steals your money and to know the methods of protection from such fraud.

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“Are you sure of the decency of your mobile operator? Watch this video about how exactly an ordinary mobile operator provides you with services. You will easily recognize, whether your mobile operator uses some methods compelling you to overpay unreasonably.Telephone communication is a profitable business. It’s a hi-tech field. Hi-tech fields have always been an oasis for tricksters. The cause of it is a hard-to-reach info which is necessary for an easy come to know of the particularities in such fields.
Swindlers are always interested in the lack of knowledge of their clients. It allows them to get excess earnings without taking too much care of quality. The price on their commodity or service will vanish into smoke, when people realize what and for what price they are being sold.
So what does your mobile operator sell? The service of access to his mobile network (or GSM network). Why are you ready to pay for it? Because that’s how you will be able to establish connections at any time with your relatives, friends, colleagues and business partners. They are the subscribers of the mobile operator as well (i.e. they pay for its services just like you) and also have an access to the GSM network…”
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