Profitable GSM termination business

Get profit from $3’500 a week with high-income Caribbean countries (Jamaica, Haiti) or African countries (Ivory Coast, Ghana).


Smart investment

Have you ever heard about the GSM termination and what a huge revenues can be earned by terminators (people who own GSM gateway and terminate the GSM signal)?


If you have heard about this extremely profitable business, you would definetly know about the one of the best solutions in the world – ANTRAX. But if you are not familiar with this area, we are ready to explain all the ins and outs of the GSM termination field.

Our common customers are people who are looking for the ways to invest spare finances and to get a return of investments in short terms (3-6 month). They just hire the tech specialist who will control the system which reimburses stable income.

What is call/VoIP termination?

Call termination or VoIP termination is a beneficial business for converting VoIP signal into GSM. This is done by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with Simbox and customer traffic, that are both provided by Antrax. It works really simple.

After setting-up the system, our company (Flamesgroup) will start sending traffic to your GSM gateway. You will get money for every converted phone call. Simple as it is. The more sim cards you have in a box, the more you can earn. We will do all the rest, including set-up, technical support and call traffic. Do you think that other gsm termination packages can do this? NO!

Suggested high-profit routes

COUNTRY Local cost, 1 min Route cost, 1 min Income, 1 min Income, month One-time investment
Jamaica $0.035 $0.11 $0.075 $15 000 $20 000
Haiti $0.01 $0.16 $0.15 $70 000 $12 000
Ivory Coast $0.09 $0.17 $0.08 $10 000 $36 000
Ghana $0.03 $0.10 $0.07 $7 000 $16 000



  • 11 years on the market of call VoIP termination
  • 58 countries on all continents of the Earth
  • 195 successful terminators
  • ANTRAX equipment is produced on leading factory Volburg
  • Our call termination solution is made in the European Union Group

Watch video about ANTRAX

Our ANTRAX 2U solution was specially created for those, who value the simplicity and compactness. It already has on-board PC, which helps the customer to avoid the problems connected with obtaining and placing the separate one. Having 2 on-board GSM modules, it still provides the users with three additional universal slots, which can be filled with 2-6 GSM modules or 1-60 SIM cards.

ANTRAX products

GSM gateway


Terminator controller

SIM’s Bodyguard

Bulk SMS sending

IT/tech support

VoIP Termination FAQ

Simbox equipment for GSM termination. Or it is also called SIM bank or SIM array it is one of the hardware modules of GSM termination equipment. The main function of this element is to store the array of Sim-cards, which takes part in call termination process.
GSM-termination or Call-termination is beneficial business for converting VoIP (Voice over IP) signal into GSM one by means of VoIP-GSM gateway with simbox and delivering of the call to the final subscriber.
VoIP gateway contains GSM modules to transmit GSM signal. Also it has an Internet connection for receiving VoIP signal. So basically VoIP gateway router receives IP call via Internet (like very well known Skype), converts it and transmits it to our cell phones via GSM antennas.
Voice traffic – it’s phone calls, calls to certain destinations on the number of operators of communication networks. So these are the telephone calls, which are measured by the number of minutes passed through your equipment.
The Sim BOX or Sim array is a hardware solution for external storage of SIM cards. Each Sim card can be connected to VoIP/GSM gateway via the Internet.
The primary function of GSM gateways is to allow routing phone calls from IP to GSM networks.
For starting a successful business, you need a high quality equipment with a smart and flexible software to avoid simblocking. ANTRAX is the best choice for gsm termination.


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