09 Leanding10

With this solution you get:

– Graphical user interface;

– Sim server;

– Softswitch;

– Voice server;

– Anti-spam system with a unique capability of redirecting calls from GSM operator to real subscribers of your NOC;

– Anti-anti-fraud system with local Human Behavior Simulation;

– Logic adjustment of your anti-simblocking solution to maximize protection of SIM cards;

– Installation and configuring of your equipment by technicians team;

– Consulting;

– 1 year of full tech and IT support;

– Personal account manager;

– Personal aftersales VoIP supply;

– Promotion of your route.

Sim card Anti-blocking protection

– Bloking of providers’ messages;

– SIM card blocking on different events;

– Autometic credit check by USSD, SMS requests;

– SMS messaging on different events;

– IMEI management;

– Anti-spam management: white/black list numbers management, protection from dialing robots, redirecting operators' calls to real subscribers;

– Human Behavior Simulation (HBS): possibility of incoming calls, SMS generation, sim card usage limitation (SIM card rotation).


  • 6 years on the market of call VoIP termination
  • 24 countries on all continents of the Earth
  • 183 successful terminators
  • ANTRAX equipment is produced on leading factory Volburg
  • Our call termination solution is made in the European Union Group SIA

ANTRAX products

GSM gateway


Terminator controller

SIM’s Bodyguard

Bulk SMS sending

IT/tech support

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