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Perfect business opportunity in Jamaica

Voip Business in Jamaica

Telecommunications is one of the leading spheres where you can make a good amount of profit.

Nowadays Jamaica becomes one of the most welcoming hostesses of opportunities in this sphere.

One of such opportunities is GSM termination business which now gets better results. Business deals with transferring international calls with the help of local sims, so having this business you can be sure in your stable profit as together with the solution you will get traffic of international calls.

Price which you receive for each min of transferred call is 0.11 USD.

Among the list of mobile operators of Jamaica Digicel is the most popular (it is used also in 33 countries all over the world). Based on its prepaid plan “Sweet Plan” local call rate is 0.02 USD, so your profit for 1 min is 0.09 USD. Thus, your monthly profit is 43 200 USD with the investment of 9 400 USD in the whole business organization.

GSM termination in Jamaica – Infographic ANTRAX

LOCAL COST (Digicel “Sweet Plan”, Jamaica) 0.02$ MIN
ROUTE COST (to Sri Lanka) 0.11$ MIN
INCOME (difference between local cost and route cost) 0.09$ MIN
INCOME (average turnover), MONTHLY (average) up to 43200$
ONE-TIME INVESTMENT (package of equipment and software) 9400$

ANTRAX solutions have been working in Jamaica since year 2009 having more and more successfully working GSM terminators cooperating with our company.

Steps for organizing GSM termination in Jamaica:

Nowadays we have GSM terminators all over the world who are making their profit with the help of their investment and our cooperation.

Join our team through FREE CONSULTATION FORM and use the opportunity to build your business in the most profitable sphere of telecommunications.

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