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The latest from CommunicAsia’11

Yacoob Ibrahim, Minister of Communications and Information, opened the conference CommunicAsia 2011, dedicated to the development of telecommunications and “cloud” technologies. The event was taking place on 21 – 24 June in Singapore. More than 2 thousand companies from over 70 countries were introduced on the exhibition.

For the first time, visitors had the opportunity to attend the booth of European company Flames Froup SIA. The Company demonstrated its advanced solution for ANTRAX GSM termination!

ANTRAX system, as a solution which allows to minimize the expenses for calls, attracted the attention of visitors. They had opportunity to check the quality of software and test the device themselves.

According to the data collected by World Economic Forum, Singapore took the second place after Sweden in terms of effective application of information and communication technologies in public administration and business. Our company is going to visit this exhibition next year, where we will demonstrate new features of ANTRAX solutions. In particular, there will be new methods and algorithms that will improve further work of your SIM cards.

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