how to beat antifraud

How to beat antifraud and start earning money? – White paper

What will you learn in this white paper?:

  • What is the purpose of antifraud
  • Smart anti-antifraud management
  • Why should we change IMEI
  • Professional GSM termination softwafe
  • Human behavior simulation
  • Good technical solution

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“How does the fat-cat operator struggle against terminators? In order to detect and interfere with the terminator, the operator uses a special software, which is called the AntiFraud. It is the main enemy of the beginning terminator, because with its help the operator can detect the actions typical for GSM gateway and block the SIM cards which are contained it. It is very difficult to know the algorithm of the software activity completely, because a cunning operator is constantly modernizing its working principles, and this information is highly confidential.

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