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5 awesome concepts to EASILY start a profitable business in Ivory Coast

Ivory Coast business overview

The Ivorian economy, as most African markets, depends lots on the agricultural field. About 70% of population is into various kinds of agricultural activities. Cote d’Ivoire is one of the largest producers of coffee, palm oil and cocoa beans, even though majority has been extorted.
Nowadays, this situation is being transformed. For instance, fixing a full production process of cashews is expected by 2020 locally. Also old factories for cotton production are being recovered, which improves labor conditions for people, at the same time recovering economy considerably.
Finally, the entire food production is developed and managed by the private sector and that only means that environment for some small business start-up is absolutely healthy and investment opportunities in Ivory Coast are quite diverse.
One more proof is an outstanding infrastructure around Ivory Coast comparing to most African countries. Around 13,000 km of paved roads, advanced telecommunications services, sea ports, stable air and railway connections, real estate expansion for commercial, industrial and private use.

Don’t bypass these ideas for doing biz

1. Internet Services and all vital ICT infrastructure

How to make money in Ivory Coast? Foreign investors have an eye for this field in Africa because of the lack of regular Internet connection around the country. This niche is not competitive recently, which makes it a wonderful idea among business opportunities in Ivory Coast.
In Cote d’Ivoire today there are various companies, that refuse to launch their offices simply because there are no telecommunications. This influences distructively on the business environment of the whole country. There is also a crack in the services available to residents in rural areas.
You can start from laying fiber optics for private and commercial use to create a sufficient footing for the ICT venture.

2. Remote business process services

With the lower skilled labor price, you can easily arrange a company which deals with particular categories or projects of various businesses, like customer and tech support, data entry, administrative and call center services, etc.

3. Agribusiness investment in Ivory Coast

As mentioned before, a huge amount of Ivorian population is into agriculture. This sector is widely developed and brings most of the income for the local economy. That is why the demand for agricultural equipment, chemical supplies and waste recycling operations is expanding. Check within particular niches and find out what’s in need to fix that need.

4. Telecommunication services

African economies are only developing telecom infrastructure and lack high-quality international and inter-countries connection. Moreover, Ivory Coast is one of the most profitable countries for fixing telephony. You can easily launch a private business in telecommunication niche, based on international telephone calls. You only need to buy a compact machine, install it and start transferring telephone calls. Call termination is widely popular and at the same time highly rewarding. Just check Antrax company and read what they offer- it’s a ready-to-go business solution! Really interesting and profitable!

5. Power generation

The other field, highly interesting for foreign investors. It’s time to write a business plan and to sell it, right?! Regular and trouble proof electricity supply continues to be urgent. Thinking of how to start business in Ivory Coast? Solar, wind, nuclear power generation are nature-friendly and innovative ways to invest in Ivory Coast indeed.

Ivory Coast offers opportunities for investing that are to seized now. If you come up with the decision in 3-4 years, niches will be already filled. It’s just the time to be at the very right place for you and turn all this potential into the reality.

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